Karla Powell Make-up Artist

Winner of Illamasqua Distinction in Make-up Artistry Award 2013- Professional Category.

Congratulations to the other winners! I am so thankful and over whelmed about winning the Illamasqua Distinction in Make-up Artistry Awards competition (Professional Make-Up Artist Category) Every day I am so thankful for the support from my followers, support from my amazing family & friends and for everyone that always believes in my dreams! I could of never done this without you all & for that I thank you all from the bottom of my heart ♥ I am so excited now to assist the legend Alex Box on a photoshoot as part of one of my prizes. Dreams do come true. For those wanting to know more about the story behind my winning ‘Back to Roots’ make-up and hair look please click >here< on my inspiration blog post I did last week. 
And finally for those asking what I used to create the look. I have a full list below:
Peppering skin to perfection using the following Skin Care:
SS002 Deluxe Angle Foundation
SS012 Deluxe Crease
SS013 Deluxe Angle Blush
SS021 Syntho Blending Fluff
SS024 Syntho Precision Powder
SS026 Syntho Angle Shader
Illamasqua Skin Base
Illamasqua Blusher in shade Lover
Kryolan Shimmering Vision Palette
Illamasqua Precsion Ink in shade Scribe
Golden Rose Style Liner in Black Black
Kryolan Shimmering Vision Palette
Illamasqua Blusher in shade Lover
Illamasqua Precsion Ink in shade Scribe
Golden Rose Style Liner in Black Black
Kryolan Spirit Gum 
MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Ruby Woo
Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet
Superstar Face Paint in shade 025 Darkest Brown 

Eye Contacts: MesmerEyeZ Sclera

Nails: Nailed It

Nail Varnish: Deborah Lippmann Lady is a Tramp

Wig & Hair: Annabelles Wigs - Using Mehron Metallic Powder

Head Piece: Adrienne Honie

Thank you to photographer Estelle Jones for taking wonderful behind the scene pictures on the day as well as supporting me. 

Gestural Abstraction Make-up Art…

Gestural Abstraction’  It’s a chance for me to show off the process of making art! Gestural Abstraction means you are demonstrating a variety of techniques that include dripping, dabbing, smearing, and even flinging paint on to the surface of the canvas (my face).To create these techniques it all depends on actions directed by the artist (myself using my Crown-brushes) using a  sense of control interacting with chance or random occurrences better known as Action Painting! I used various techniques with my Duo Fibre brushes in different sizes, Super Star Face paints and Illamasqua Precision Gel eyeliner & Scribe Precesion Ink and Powder Eye shadows from the Crownbrush Smoke It Out palette and Professional 88 Palette (01) .Within this look it was all down to movement on how I was feeling, so therefore was not a planned look. This was all down to layering the makeup with several techniques. 

Hope you are inspired!



#instavideo of my Gestural #abstraction #makeup look I created on myself today 💜

My Illamasqua Back to Roots Make-up & Hair Competition Entry Look from a different view!

I was lucky to have a talented photography friend Estelle Jones taking pictures of me creating my make-up, hair and nail look for the Distinction in Make-up Artistry Awards on the day Saturday at BAFTAs. 

I created a NEW Blog Post the other day on how I got into the competition, what I had to do on the day of the competition and what was the theme for the day to help me come up with my inspiration of my ‘Back to Roots’ make-up and hair look!You can read more >here< as well as voting for me! Your voted ends this Monday 

Thank you to all those that have voted so far! 



Eye Contacts: MesmerEyeZ Sclera

Nails: Nailed It

Nail Varnish: Deborah Lippmann Lady is a Tramp

Wig: Annabelles Wigs 

Head Piece: Adrienne Honie

Vote For Me to WIN The Illamasqua Distinction in Make-up Artistry Awards 2013! 

To enter the Illamasqua Distinction in Make-up Artistry awards you have to fall under a category of Working Professional Make-up Artist, Make-up Student or a Non-Professional (self-taught artist!) You enter in two make-up looks which I did then you get picked by the judges to make it to the live finals. Much to my relief I got told three weeks ago I made it to the finals competing against three other professional make-up artists in my category having the chance to win a day assisting Illamasqua Creative Director Alex Box and a £2,000 cash prize & £250 (RRP) worth of Illamasqua make-up!

We had 1 hour to create the make-up transformation in the Princess Ann Theatre –BAFTA LONDON in front of a live audience where my amazing friends and loved ones supported me as well as some of my amazing fans, which was scored by the Floor Judges (David and Spob). Followed by a 5 min presentation to the Curtain Judges! Yes the main people such as Alex Box, Julian Kynaston before moving onto the photography set to take an un touched image of my work for LIVE Facebook votes.

We then had 5 minutes to present my model Sara Grabek and make-up transformation to the Curtain Judges. The contestants are allowed a mood board to help answer any questions the judges may have.

All judges will have 30 minutes after each category has presented to deliberate. As a group the judges will need to agree the amount of points given to each contestant using the marking criteria so this made up 90% of my votes!  This has now turned into a percentage to go along with the public vote on Illamasqua’s Facebook page and that’s where I need your 10% vote if you love my look I have created. The closing date being the 14th October 2013.

Finally one thing you have all been asking me. What was the theme? Here is what I was given to help me create my make-up transformation….

'Show Us the Future'

What’s your view of make-up in the future? What will change and what will remain?

What I see in the future…

The name of my make-up and hair look was ‘Back to Roots’. In the future I believe woman will appreciate natural beauty more and stop elaborating themselves with cosmetic surgery and go back to roots where nature and pure beauty begun and be inspired by nature around them rather than getting distracted by other around them. Today I believe we take care of ourselves so much more than we ever have in history, such as eating well, exercising and we want to know what is in our products, food and skin care and finally for the first time Organic products in the beauty industry are blooming quickly. 

We will have pale skin as we continue to protect our skin more from UV Rays. Our eyes will adapt to protect us from stronger harmful UV rays as the O-zone layer gets stronger and we will start to use the most purest organic products in our make-up, hair and skin care. Origins being one of my main inspirations for this look demonstrate already in their range going back to roots using Anogeissus - a sacred tree that is deeply integrated into African culture as an extract in their skin care for a natural wound healer and antimicrobial. Their range of Plantiscription contains potent plants and bark extracts to wash away dirt, makeup and impurities. This is where the inspiration from the twig hair and twig nails came from. 

Woman will be more daring with hair and nails too being inspired by nature around them such as birds, trees, leaves and the colours of nature.

What will remain?

Red Lips! Red lips have fascinated men and women alike since 3,000 BCE. A bold look that demands attention, red lipstick has been advocated by the world’s most powerful women! And in the beginning, the ingredients used to create this were red dye taken from seaweed, crushed precious jewels and even Cleopatra, desiring a deeper red used crushed carmine beetles and ants. Queen Elizabeth used a simpler recipe of beeswax and plant derived red dye and my Nan from the 1940s being her only luxury rationed beauty item could only wear red lipstick! So to me in the future red lips will continue to be a timeless beauty look even in 1000s of years to come.

Finally to bring this whole make-up and hair design together in my crazy mind I took inspiration from David McKean. An English illustrator, photographer, comic book artist, graphic designer, filmmaker and musician. His work incorporates drawings, paintings, photography and digital art and sculpture. His work from his Persistence of Vision illustrations helped me achieve this look at the Illamasqua competition! It brought my whole concept together and helped me tell my story to the judges.

“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”

I am overwhelmingly grateful to have the chance to show my skills to the judges at Illamasqua Saturday & to have amazing support from my followers hit me how far I have come by believing in myself & my dreams

And, for me, this weekend means this year was a success. And for that, I am thankful. Everyone is a winner in my eyes from my category & I wish them all the luck in the world. I am just happy to have had that opportunity. Thank you everyone.

Click this >link< to like and share my Make-up Creation if you love my look. Every vote counts :) 



Testing new #pink #lip #pigment shades for my new #lip range for @karlacosmetics ! I love this pink! 💗💞💖

Maybelline’s NEW BROWdrama Brow Mascara…

With brows being a huge hit this year and people being more daring with their brows Maybelline have created this sculpting gel mascara with a brush designed to contour the perfect brow! Available on the high street for only £4.99 now.

Maybelline BROWdrama’s 360° ball brush allows you to catch and cover every hair. You just simply brush the mascara through the brows in light upward strokes. This is designed for those on the go or can’t create even neat groomed brows with an eyebrow brush on themselves.

For hygiene reasons as a makeup artist I couldn’t use BROWdrama on models! Unless I was to wash the wand each time I used it. Maybe someone will invent a disposable wand like this?

It comes in 3 shades, Dark Blond, Medium Brown and Dark Brown. Or go BIG and take a risk and go a shade darker than your natural colour.

Would you use it?


Pat McGrath Creating Hand- Made MAGIC backstage at PFW Givenchy Riccardo Tisci S/S14 Using Gems, Sequins and Her Wild imagination…

Pat McGrath known as the most influential make-up artist in the world by Vogue magazine and other commentators actually made my jaw drop when she created this mind blowing creation backstage at Givenchy using multicolored gemstones mixed with glitter covering nearly the entire face, then net masks over the eyes à la Sofia Coppola‘s Marie Antoinette and contrast-toned bejeweled lips!  Pat McGrath is one of my top make-up artists I look up to often. No other make-up artist inspires me as much as she does. I am feeling very inspired…



I LOVED creating this #glossy #highfashion 1920s inspired #makeup look on @staceyhannant ! #dreammodel in Belgium! @thelukewoodford chatting #photography in the background he he ☺️

What is Karla Make-up?

Last Thursday I managed to get around to setting up Karla Cosmetics Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account. Once I announced this to all my followers on my Social Media accounts, these accounts went a little crazy than I expected with a lot of followers overnight, thankfully I have amazing support of my followers who wanted to see what Karla Make-up was about and to find out more so I am grateful for those followers so quickly.

Many of you have sent me some beautiful messages congratulating me and saying you are proud of my success over the years and the achievement of my own brand. I am overwhelmed by many of you actually saying you can’t wait to try Karla Make-up, especially as my products are not even out yet!

After working with a cosmetic line for over a year and now working with a make-up brush company and seeing my followers grow so quickly I realised I have big following of make-up artists and have learn so much about this field. This encouraged me to bring out my first product in December 2012- Karla Chart makeup design sheets which allows professional makeup artists to design a makeup look with actual makeup and catalog the look, printed on thick textured card stock which could be stored in a beautiful leather folder to take on make-up jobs. These sold out very fast over Christmas which actually made me realise that people believe in me as a brand. I decided to stop re stocking and developed them to perfection over the last 6 months.

It has taken a while to find the right card stock and combination of quality print company to produce my face chart pads to the high standard which I would want from such a product and now are printed on thick textured card stock and professionally bound into an artist style pad with tear off pages. The cover of each pad has my favourite snow queen of sweets image from my food inspired beauty shoots personal project and has 35 pages of face charts which are glued at the top to make them easy to tear out, use and store. So this will be my first ever Karla Make-up product to bring out in the next month! Available on Crownbrush UK, Beauty Chamber and Cocktail Cosmetics. (I will announce when the official date is).

Over this time I found myself day dreaming about my own make-up range! Yes a dream…However after thinking about this dream so much I have spent the last few months sourcing the right contacts, brainstorming my brand and what direction I would want my own make-up range to go. They do say if you can dream it, you can achieve it! There is no greater time for me to now begin to live my dreams. I believe my dreams are achievable if I put the effort needed to make it work. Your mind is such that it can only conceive what it can achieve, whatever the dream is your mind believes it can achieve it, but you have to agree with your mind that you can achieve it, so that when you are in agreement you can work together to achieve your dreams. So I decided to start on this dream of my own brand. Yes they are tiny baby steps but with the right support from my friends and family I had to take action. I believe the harder you work the luckier you will become. So I stopped waiting around for things to work out and if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.

While many of us decide at some point during the course of our lives that we want to answer our calling, only a few of us actually work on it.  By working on it and trulying devoting yourself to the end result you can achieve anything.  Many people never act on their decisions I guess.  Or they pretend to act on it by putting in a half-assed effort. This is not going to be easy, especially when I am planning on achieving something worthwhile. Achieving your dreams can be a lot of work.But I am ready for it!

My motivation is to develop a make-up collection emerged through conversations through other make-up artists requesting more outrageous colours, stronger pigments and long last products when working on photo shoots. Most people who follow me and my make-up work have come to realise I don’t create any old beauty make-up looks!  I am known to create crazy make-up looks, experimenting with colour and creating fun, colourful eye catching make-up looks which has probably got me where I am today. I am especially known for my lip art so I want to bring my first ever lip range collection featuring a brilliant pallet of colours, hues and shades customised to complete every person’s individual style, even a blue and a purple for those being daring or just wanting to create a fun bold make-up look on their models. There will be wearable shades in the range for those that are not make-up artists too. However my range will be focused around make-up artists. With make-up artist’s in mind I am now spending the next 6 months testing, swatching and picking the right shades for the lip range so I will be posting up regular updates on the Karla Cosmetics Social Media platforms and I really do appreciate your feedback on shades I upload. Feedback is only going to make my decisions more realistic and at the end of the day you are the people that will be using my lip range in your make-up kits (Well that is the dream).

So again with little baby steps to create this dream and my new online shop website being built, my packaging designed and me finalising the right shades this could be launched in April 2014! But for now my Face Charts will be available on the websites I mentioned earlier very soon and eventually when my lipstick line launches I will also be selling the face charts on my own shop website too.

Thank you for all your support, I am now looking forward to making this dream a reality.



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