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London Fashion Week AW12 beauty Design Sheet with MAC Cosmetics for House of Holland- A beautiful Bold red lip!..

“Mork & Mindy meets Tour de France…sporty and sophisticated at the same time.”

By Key make-up artist Lucia Pica

Get the Look:


• Studio Moisture Cream — blended over skin to hydrate, tone, and refresh

• Face & Body Foundation — lightly applied to even skin tone and texture

• Select Moisture cover or Studio Finish

• SPF 15 Concealer — applied only where needed to perfect

• M∙A∙C Pro Bone Beige Sculpting Powder Pro Palette — blended under cheekbones for a soft contour

• M∙A∙C Pro Shine Mixing Medium — blended over upper cheekbones to highlight and provide a healthy glow


• Studio Finish SPF 15 Concealer — blended over the eyelids to perfect

• M∙A∙C Pro Lash Mixing Medium — applied through the brows to groom and perfect Zoom black and False Black Mascara — alternately blended through the upper lashes for a beautiful, ultra-defined and feathery effect


• Cherry and Redd Lip Pencil — defines and contours the lip

• Lady Danger, Russ ian Red, and Ruby Woo Lips ticks — blended over the entire lip for the perfect red matte



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