Rodarte Spring/Summer 2013 Beauty Backstage- Key... - Karla Powell Make-up Artist

Rodarte Spring/Summer 2013 Beauty Backstage- Key NARS Cosmetics artist James Kaliardos for NARS Cosmetics

The Rodarte runway show was simply beautiful this season. The inspiration for the whole feel and look was The Renaissance, Aboriginal art, horror movies, and now the Middle Ages! For Spring 2013, the look was more tough than pretty with slick hair on a diagonal part, glossy eyes and pewter ear cuffs. Lead artist for NARS Cosmetics James Kaliardos shared with us “The inspiration for everything - hair, makeup, even nails – is modern medieval,” Finally the waxy nails caught my eye created by CND Nail Artist Michele Huynh! The nails were weaving strips of custom blended and mattefied CND Colours in Desert Suede, Frosting Cream and Chocolate Milk over a base blend of high shine CND Colours in Desert Suede and Frosting Cream. Each nail tip required fifteen minutes to hand-detail - and the 30 total sets of nails for the show took 150+ hours to create! Loving CND this season so much!


Here are the NARS products James used to create the makeup look:



*Sheer Glow Foundation 

*Sex Appeal Blush

*Radiant Creamy Concealer (New for Spring 2013!) 


*Himalayas Single Eyeshadow


*Triple X Lip Gloss



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