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Alien Make-up for The Music Video in Egypt using Face Lace for Make-up Artists!

This season is all about face lace- All make-up artists are talking about them and using them and this is all thanks to Phyliss Cohen- A celebrity make-up artist that has worked with Annie Lennox, David Bowie and Steve Strange and more! When designing my make-up looks for the music video on the three girls from the band Violina who have collaborated with Birgit Oigemeel for her next Summer 2013 song we had a creative alien theme to work with and therefore I wanted an amazing instant make-up effect on the girls without the professional time and expense as working on this music video there was not much time for any free hand work as all three girls had to look the same with an effective design in a short amount of time. 

Face Lace was exactly what I needed to create the looks. They are quirky ready-to-wear make-up designs with fifteen intricate designs to choose from that can be applied in under a minute and are re-usable (I used the same designs over three days) the range of laces includes ornate masks that simply adhere to the skin, eye laces that flatter the eye with graceful lines or elaborate silhouettes as well as mehndoodles, which can be placed wherever you choose, and playsheets of small patterns which allow you easily to invent your own Face Lace designs. I used spirit gum to apply my designs to the girl’s eyes as the girls had to be underwater for their scenes so I wanted them to stay put.

I think this is an easy option to create beautiful looks for make-up artists, however it is being used a lot now in make-up artists portfolios so I guess it’s about thinking out the box how to use them to keep them looking different from other artists works such as layering up the different designs or even applying different colours and textures underneath the lace. They were perfect for this music video and I will be certainly using them again in the future.

Face Lace starts at £13.95 and is available online from



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