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Using Eye Contact Lenses to Enhance Your Make-up Looks

I loved using MesmerEyez White Mesh eye contacts whilst working on a music video in Egypt. It was perfect for finishing of the look and theme we were going with in the music video on Birgit Oigemeel. MesmerEyez have recently grown in cosmetic eye colours the last few years change being well known for comfortably and easy wear without affecting vision. MesmerEyez can be found in Vogue, Grazia, London Fashion Week and Sky1’s hit TV show Project Catwalk. Many International make-up artists regularly use MesmerEyez to change eye colour, like Aymai Nishimura who has worked with Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Vivienne Westwood and Nike.


My Top Tips using False Eye Contacts on your models:

1. Water resistant makeup products don’t smudge on the eyes and also prevents the irritation of the eye lenses.

2. Ideally use on the model only three times and continue to add eye drops to keep them from drying out and making your model feel uncomfortable.

3. Apply the lens before applying eye makeup. Wash the hands before wearing lens. Take out the lens before removing the eye makeup.

4. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner for eye makeup. Avoid applying eyeliner on the edges or inner surface of the eyelids.

5. If you are applying eye shadow, get the model to close the eyes and avoid spreading it on the edges of the eyes. Remove the excess powder of the eye shadow before opening the eyes to prevent irritation.


MesmerEyez prices can vary from £15.00 each.



Do you like to use eye contacts to enhance and finish of your make-up designs?




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