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Fur-Effect Nails with MUA Cosmetics! And only £3 each…

When we planned and started developing fur effect nails at work I wasn’t so sure on them, but now we have finally brought them out I am in love with them. I keep wearing this shade- 'Fluffy Bobbin'. This is a very easy fluffy nail art effect and it’s so much easier than it looks and sounds and with just a pot of basic fluffy nail art powder (flocking powder) you get instant nail art with no effort at all!

What happens when the Fur nails get wet?

They dry surprisingly really fast.

How long does Fur-Effect last?

They usually last 2 – 3 days. Velvet nail are different than other nails because they actually can attract dirt and as a consequence they can get dirty…much like clothes.

How do I remove Fur Effect Nails?

Simply soak each nail varnish remover for 15 secs till the nail feels soaking wet and the effect will slide straight off.

You can get Fur-Effect nails on www.muastore.co.uk now. Also here is the >LINK< to a how-to tutorial on this fun effect.


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