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NEW Illamasqua Easter Nail Varnishes!

With spring on its way Illamasqua introduced a NEW Collection ‘I’m perfection’ Spring/Summer range over a month ago and one of the best things in the collection was their speckled nail polishes which I love and blogged about not long ago. Today however I had a little surprise in the post! It’s their two new addition shades to their Easter Spring/Sumer nail polish ranges- and what better way to do it in hot pink and pastel purple!

Superstition- £13.50 (Online Soon)

Superstition is a bright blue-toned purple pink polish- The brightness of this shade makes it works perfectly on yellow-toned skin. This polish pretty much goes on opaque in two coats. I am bringing summer to this miserable weather wearing this! I just love it…

Harem- £13.50 (Online Soon)

Harem is a gorgeous pastel purple shade, veering slightly to the pink side yet still bright enough to not quite sit at home amongst pastels. It does have a touch of dustiness to it too. I have mixed both shades together on my accent nail as the complement each other so much. 

I have mixed up the NEW Illamasqua nail varnishes mixed with NCLA’s Nail wraps in style ‘So L.A. Nail wraps are a great idea in theory, since they make it possible for everyone to achieve eye-catching designs or effects with a minimum of mess, and effort. They’re perfect for a last minute fix or for DIYing showstopper nails on the go. These were from and the wraps range from £12.50. 

Will you be purchasing the NEW Illamasqua shades when available online?



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