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The Beauty of Camouflage Makeup…

You may see Camouflage Makeup referred to by a variety of names such as cover-up Makeup or Medical Camouflage Makeup. Camouflage makeup is a high quality makeup specifically designed to conceal a variety of skin blemishes such as angiomas, rosacea, telangiectasia, vitiligo, skin discoloration, sun-spots, age spots, birth marks, acne, burn scars, stretch marks, scars, bruises, dark circles, freckles and tattoo cover-up which I did on my sister this weekend, something I do a lot on brides when they want their tattoos covered at weddings. My sister is off working on Disney cruises for 6 months and has to cover up her tattoo on her back and neck each day, so what better way to teach her with Veil Cover Creams, which I am loving using and was so impressed with their products. My sister needed an easy blendable product she can apply each day on herself, which is waterproof and won’t encourage more spots or any out breaks as applying an oil based product to your skin each day can cause outbreaks if you don’t apply a barrier cream first but Veil has been specifically designed to apply on your face each day with no outbreaks, which is fantastic if you want to cover spots/acne each day.

Camouflage creams were first developed by plastic surgeons during World War II to cover the burns received by fighter pilots. Nowadays men, women and children can use camouflage make-up to conceal abnormalities. Camouflage make-up can improve the quality of life, improving self-esteem and creates a sense of personal well-being! And this is why I fell in love with make-up at such a young age, I just love how make-up can make you feel and change the way you look instantly.

Although Veil will not restore your skin to an even texture, it will conceal discolouration and blend in with the surrounding unaffected skin to create a natural look when applied correctly. This type of makeup is thicker and more opaque with more pigment than regular foundation makeup. It effectively covers healed incision lines from surgery, scars, bruises and discolouration on your face or body. Veil Cover Cream is easy to use because it has a soft texture and spreads well and comes in a variety of shades to match the colour of the skin, and the texture of their products is so much better than normal camouflage make-up I have worked with, it reminds me of normal cream foundation which actually doesn’t feel thick and I find it blends beautifully and effortlessly.

Other benefits from using Veil Cover Cream:

*Veil is Waterproof. You can swim in Veil making it waterproof, so can also take extreme sweating and heat. Gently pat or air dry the camouflaged area when it becomes wet as rubbing with a towel will remove the camouflage.

*Veil is long lasting. It can remain in place up to 6-12 hours on facial skin and up to 2 days on the body.

*Veil creams can be easily mixed to provide a good colour match to all skin tones. They provide a white shade which can also lighten the shades if you need to make the shades real pale.

*Veil makeup can be removed and immediately re-applied with no adverse effects.

How to use Veil Cover Cream:

*Veil should always be applied to clean, dry skin.

*Cleanse the skin using a good cleanser such as Veil Cleansing Cream.

*Preferably remove any remaining oil from the skin by using a good toner such as Veil Toning Lotion.

*Apply Veil Cover Cream thinly over the blemish with your fingertips using a patting motion - do not rub in – or you can use a latex or a beauty blender sponge – and blend the edges on to the natural skin. Alternatively you can use Veil Cover Cream as an all-over foundation.

*The last and vital step is to set with Veil Finishing Powder which not only completes the waterproofing but also makes Veil virtually smudgeproof. Apply the Finishing Powder liberally and press in gently using a dry cotton wool pad or powder puff. Remove any excess Finishing Powder by dabbing with a dampened cotton wool pad.

*Your blemish will now be fully camouflaged. Like all new techniques you may need a couple of attempts to perfect the process, but just keep trying with it.

Veil Cover Cream have kindly provided me with a discount exclusively for my followers where you can get £5 of their tattoo kits with orders online! using the discount code: VCCKPB13 

Check out their range of products on


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