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Who are Golden Rose Cosmetics?

Golden Rose Cosmetics is a worldwide brand since 1983 found in more than 80 countries all over the world with Golden Rose Cosmetics launching in Malta in April 2006 and it’s only been the last year I have noticed a few make-up artists blogging and talking about Golden Rose and to be honest you can’t find a lot of information on the brand or even much blog posts on google,  I guess they are now trying to push it with bloggers as the brand is fantastic and so affordable for us make-up artists building kits up so more people are talking about it.  I have to say when I tried the liquid eyeliners from the brand I was so impressed and in fact my Black & Black Style liner from Golden Rose is favoured among all my liquid eyeliners in my kit now.

'Quality products with reasonable prices' has become the company's motto from Golden Cosmetics. High branded products with fantastic colours, glitter, sparkle as well as the latest technology of Vitamin E and SPF 15 within their products.

I have swatched all the above metallic eyeliners which are £6.99 each as well as Dipliner £6.29 & Style Liner in Black & Black £6.99 (my favourite) These liners are a rich, creamy metallic colours with a thin brush for application which glides flawlessly on the lash line leaving behind a nice metallic glint on dry down. All have excellent pigment which I find last for hours with cracking or flaking especially The Style Liner in Black & Black! I actually haven’t come across a black liquid eyeliner that deliveries like this one, I love how it’s jet blog and has a slight shine to it, and not to mention staying put for hours. I actually used a mixture of this eyeliner and my Lime Crime Uniliners Quill for my latest Pop Art Inspired make-up look which I will be demoing at IMATS in June J

The liners do go “wet” for a few moments so do beware during application as it will smudge easily if you don’t allow it to dry completely. Once dry it seems to hold strong on me without flaking, smudging, or fading away! I just find all these faultless!

Check out the rest of their range here: http://www.goldenroseuk.com/

Have you tried Golden Rose Cosmetics before?



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