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Your Dreams Come True When You Don’t Give Up!


So proud to see my make-up and hair work front cover of two amazing magazines in the last month! In fact it’s over whelming and have to pinch myself I have achieved these little goals I set out to do over a few years ago.

 Wondering how this has happened or do you read this thinking I would love to achieve this dream too! Well it’s simple…  Don’t give up just yet. Dreams come true if you chance a few things in your life. Sometimes it is all about who you know.

 There all types of people can get in your way of making your dreams come true. People try new thing all the time and some will succeed and some will not. Also remember being around the same people can keep you in the same place. If you want to move up in this industry sometimes you need to start hanging around people who are doing better than you- Just take a risk and try something new. Dreams come true when you associate with people who have made it. Learn from them so you can elevate to their level. Pick up any tips you can use to start you on the path to success. You don’t have to totally abandon all of your old friend’s just try to make some new inspiring friends who will believe in you and help you achieve your dreams too.

 Having the right team and people who believe in my talent around me has played a role in my dreams. So don’t give up and let everybody stop you from making your dreams come true. It may not happen overnight but it can happen if you stick with it.


Thanks to everyone who made the above happen for me.









Pop Art Look- September 2013 Issue of Scratch Magazine


Pastel Look- Issue 12 2013 of Faceon Magazine (first time in store to buy)


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