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Re-creating my Rise of The Golden Princess Make-up Look at Clothes Show Live 2013 

From Luke Woodford’s popular Abandoned fashion Series we created the Rise of The Golden Princess shoot, which proved to be very popular amongst our followers, which then lead to it being front cover of Urban Coco Magazine’s new Issue 13 special edition being sold at Clothes Show Live 2013. This is one of my favourite make-up looks I have created this year and it was a pleasure to be asked from Laura who owns the magazine to re-create the front cover look live at the Clothes Show.

To see my make-up work front cover on the stand, demonstrate the look and  to have the chance to sell my Karla Charts was an over whelming feeling where I couldn’t help but feel so proud what I have achieved this year. This was a great end to 2013 and I can’t wait to get even more creative in 2014.

Thanks to my amazing team for all their help on the day and to Arjan B for loaning me the most beautiful gold dress to go with my design on the day. 



To see what products I used to create this look and my inspiration,  click >here< 

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