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Magnum 25th Birthday 

For all pleasure seekers & those that love Magnums, it’s time to celebrate! Magnum are celebrating their 25th Birthday! 

How will you be celebrating? Will you be indulging in your favourite Magnum Ice-Cream? Or by looking at the images from the Birthday campaign shoot I was fortunate enough to do the make-up for? Either way I am sure you will be visiting your local shop to pick up your favourite Magnum’s very soon! ;)
White Chocolate Magnum Ice-Cream provided inspiration for this elegant look. Using creamy highlights on the cheeks and a white chocolate winged eye-liner. A subtle glossy pink cheeks and a nude gloss lip, finished perfectly with a pretty eye design using a hand-made Face Lace by Phillis Cohen
There were many creations inspired by the Classic, Almond and White chocolate Ice-Creams.  So keep your ice cream loving eyes out for more images! During the next few months Magnum and I will be posting on social media, revealing more chocolate inspired creations! There will also be plenty more behind the scenes footage and pictures coming your way!
Well Ice Cream and Makeup lovers, I am ready to celebrate, I am off to the freezer to have my favourite, White Chocolate!
Which is your favourite?
The Team:
Make-up & Art Direction: Karla Powell
Photographer: Peter Alberti
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