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Long Lasting, Shine Free and Mattifying. The NEW Matte Veil from Illamasqua!
A while back now Illamasqua launched Hydra Veil which was a huge success in the beauty blogging world and is always a huge hit with my models before I apply Illamasqua Skin base! Hydra Veil in a clear gel which is designed to work with dryer skin improving the skins hydration levels creating a smoother surface which helps apply foundation evenly over the skin. Overall it enhances the long-wear of make-up for an all day look.  
I have been waiting for Illamasqua to create an alternative Veil for combination skin like mine, So I am very excited to reveal on the 8th May 2014 the NEW Matte Veil will go on sale at £30 (30ml pot *See above pictures) on www.illamasqua.com 
The new Matte Veil comes in the same pot as Hydra Veil with a hygienic spatula provided to decant the product needed for each application. The secret product is Butyelene Gycol which dissolves the skins overactive oil levels whilst drawing and retaining moisturise and the Sodium Hyaluronate which keeps the skin feeling healthy and balanced resulting in a primed matte finish to the skin ready for make-up application. This beauty will control any shine you might have throughout the day or on a photo-shoot. Perfect for us make-up artists instead of getting that translucent powder out for touch ups! However I would slightly finish the foundation of with fine loose powder in the T-zone area for that extra Matte finish. 

I can’t wait to use it this week on my next make-up job.
Will you be purchasing Matte Veil? 
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    Just putting this here for me to research the ingredients.
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    I’m excited for next month when I will purchase this, alongside a illamasqua foundation :3
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    Omg NEED.
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