Karla Powell Make-up Artist

 The Winner of my BE INSPIRED Competition!

After running an amazing successful competition on my Facebook page with my followers on the theme ‘Be Inspired’ where I encouraged my followers to be inspired by my Colour Run lips series and to take their designs and ‘Be Inspired’ and to re-create one of the looks in anyway however they want.  It was a chance for creative to have fun, learn, experiment and to get creative with my project and this competition and each and every person most certainly did- I was overwhelmed with the entries and ended up having a first, second and third place (click >here< to see the winners)

Congratulations to Karen Hegarty MUA for coming ‘First ’ place from my ‘Be Inspired’ Colour Run competition where Karen will come and assist me on my next Colour Run Lip Series photoshoot! As soon as Karen posted up her entry I literally looked her work and imagined it being a professional photoshoot and me being INSPIRED from a make-up artist’s point of view- She took my work as inspiration and added her own twist onto it and nailed it! Well done Karen

I always want to learn something new as a working artist. And I will surround myself with people that inspire me or at least inquire similar desires! So this competition has been amazing and inspiring for all. Thank you for everyone that entered ♥ Look out for more fun competitions in the furture with Karla Powell!



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