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Behind the scenes at Magnum’s 25th Birthday campaign photo-shoot. Watch me celebrate their 25th Birthday by creating the White Chocolate inspired look using some of my favourite kit make-up essentials. 

To see more images head to this >link<

Enjoy watching me create chocolate inspired looks! Yummy…



Teaching Creative Eye Designs…

I loved teaching some of my creative techniques and tips last week at School of Make-up. Here are some of my favourite products I love to use when creating high fashion creative eye designs:

Vinchy Dermablend Corrective sticks 

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage 

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liners


Illamasqua Preision Gel Liner

Lime Crime Fantasy palette in China Doll

KIKO Definition Waterproof Eyeliner

Hobby Craft Adhesive Gems 

Silver Leaf

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pen 

Eldora False Lashes 

Kryolan Shimmering Vision Palette

YSL Beauty Mascara Volume Effect 



My Make-up Work for Rock Beauty London 

Nail, lip and eye wraps are the new way to adorn fingers, toes, lips and eyes. Forget nail polish, lipstick the best way to decorate your digits are by rocking some designer Rock Beauty products. I have been using Rock Beauty few a few years now so I was thrilled when I was booked to do the make-up for the NEW upcoming range, which I will reveal soon with an amazing Giveaway on what NEW Eye Rocks and what I used to create these looks.

Products I used to create the above Eye Looks (The Eye Rocks I used will be revealed once they are available to buy)

Pastel Explosion:

Crownbrush Professional 88 Palette

Superstar Face Paints

Eldora Lashes in H128

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Golden Rose Style Liner in Black Black

SugarPill Heart Breaker Palette

Lime Crime Lipstick in shade COUNTESSA FLOURESCENT

Blue Jeans:

Crownbrush Professional 88 Palette

Illamasqua Precision Ink in Scribe

Superstar face paints in shades Slyvia & Baby Blue

Anastasia Brow Pro Palette

Neon Gloss:

Superstar Face Paint in White

Superstar UV Pink Grease Paint

Sugarpill Eyeshadow in Tako

Kryolan HD Cream liner in Snow

Illamasqua Precision Ink in Scribe

Anastasia Brow Pro Palette

Gold Smoke Leaf:

Crownbrush Smoke It Out Palette

Golden Rose Style Liner in Black Black

Anastasia Brow Pro Palette

The NEW Eye Rocks will soon be available on www.rockbeautylondon.com



Make-up: Karla Powell

Photography: Jayesh Pankhania

Model: Stacey Hannant

Retoucher: High Def Retouching 

Behind the Scenes…  My ‘Gold Fleck’ Hair and Make-up look created in Paris!


I can now finally reveal behind the scene images of the second make-up and hair look I created in Paris for photographer Luke Woodford’s Abandoned Fashion Series working with designer Arjan B. We couldn’t reveal any of these image due to the designers collection coming out in September. 

Luke has called this look ‘Lyoness’ which was took in the most beautiful location and abandoned building I have been to! Once again I walked away from this trip feeling inspired and blessed to do what I do with such talented people. I am looking forward to seeing all the final images from this photoshoot. 

The Team: 

Photographer: Luke Woodford 
Model: Tess Tess Georgia Dimos ( Model )
Hair and Make-Up: Karla Powell Make-up Artist
Designer: Arjan B www.arjanb.co.uk
Assistants: Jon Hammond, Peter Alberti, Estelle Jones, Lauren Thatcher, Estelle Jones, Chantelle Parks, Scott Reeves, Amy Wilson, Hannah Jowett, Roisin Kinch, Dave Edwards.


Products Used:


*Illamasqua Skin Base

*Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

*Lush Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in shade Confident (Cheeks)

*Seventeen eye dazzle eye shadow in Star Crossed (highlight)

*Daniel Sandler 'On the Loose' Powder


*Golden Rose Smoky Eye Effect Pencil 

*Golden Rose Style Liner in Black & Black

*Crownbrush 88 Metal Madness Palette

*H&M Liquid Eyeshadow in Gold 

*We Are Faux Lash base in Rubia- I then Customised them and added a gold fleck design to them.

*Benefit They’re Real Mascara


*Kryolan Eyeshadow Variety Palette 


*Annabelles Wigs hair extensions. I pre plaited different colour hair extensions and created this greek style hair look styled with Tresemme Freeze Hold Hairspray





Images took by Peter Alberti & Hannah Rose 

Speckled Eyes & Two-Toned Lips

I always love to experiment, create and get familiar with products before any makeup jobs to ensure I know exactly what I am doing and I am not wasting time on the day! So my face becomes my practice canvas.

Most of the time the looks and colours slightly change to adjust to the model on the day.

I am looking forward to seeing how tomorrow photoshoot turns out! Keep a look out for behind the scene pictures and the final images all coming soon.


Professional Behind the Scene Pictures at the Gold Water Photoshoot Part of Luke Woodford’s Abandoned Fashion Series.

To continue Luke Woodford’s Abandoned fashion Series I created this Gold Water inspired body painting, make-up and hair look which the inspiration originally came from some gold nails I made that didn’t get used on a previous shoot, it inspired me and Luke to get creative with this look and it turned exactly how I dreamt it! We also released one of the final edited images last night >here< 

Luke found an abandoned beautiful lake in a woods and we went along painted it gold and threw a model in it to create some serious beautiful images! (We didn’t literally throw it but sounds more dramatic like this he he) She was such a trooper considering how deep the lake was an not to mention how much it smelt! 

Keep an eye out for all the images to be released. Once they are all out I will blog about the products I used.


Playing with Pastel Makeup!

I had amazing news last week that the nail wrap brand ‘Nail Rock’ asked me to work on their next campaign shots for their new ranges of Eye Rocks & Nail Rock designs! Especially as I always admire their images and find them so inspiring - such as the close up eye and lip shots!

As usual I practiced the makeup on myself alongside the brief they gave me! ‘Pastel’ inspired! I created this look using a range of Superstar Face Paints, Illamasqua Cream Eyeshadows, Matte Eyeshadows from the Crownbrush 88 (01) Palette and my OCC lip tars.

I can’t wait to see my work on their next products and in store.

I guess dreams do come true!


Behind the Scenes Nearly finished in Make-up of my Model for the Lucus Launch Campaign photoshoot&#8230;.
This picture shows off my strong flicked eyeliner look I created with my Golden Rose Style Liner in Black &amp; Black (The inspiration had an element of  the Illuminati Symbol on the right eye- The All-Seeing eye! ) 
I was so lucky to have photographers capturing behind the scene images of my work. Many times fashion campaigns never capture the make-up up so close. So thanks to Peter Alberti taking this picture for me.


Behind the Scenes Nearly finished in Make-up of my Model for the Lucus Launch Campaign photoshoot….


This picture shows off my strong flicked eyeliner look I created with my Golden Rose Style Liner in Black & Black (The inspiration had an element of  the Illuminati Symbol on the right eye- The All-Seeing eye! ) 

I was so lucky to have photographers capturing behind the scene images of my work. Many times fashion campaigns never capture the make-up up so close. So thanks to Peter Alberti taking this picture for me.



Karla’s Eyebrow Blocking Tips to Change the Shape of Brows without Plucking!

Most make-up artists when they think of eyebrow blocking or are taught about this subject they automatically think it’s to remove an entire brow! Well I am here to tell you this is not the case at all.  

Eyebrow blocking is not always about removing the entire eyebrow it’s also amazing if you want to change the shape of your models brows instead of plucking away the hairs (which I would never do without permission of their agent or the model themselves) With this look at Lucus NEW Clothing Line campaign photo-shoot I changed the shape of my models brows by blocking away certain areas of the brows (mainly underneath her brow line) this enabled me to re shape the brows to my desired fierce eyebrow shape I was looking for.

Check out my step by step guide to my way of eyebrow blocking >here<

Behind the scene images took by Peter Alberti.



Behind the Scenes in Paris – My Painted Lady.

I had an amazing weekend working away in France for Luke Woodford’s Abandoned Fashion Series project where I had the chance to work with some amazing designer pieces and hats which were styled perfectly on the day with my Parisian Painted Lady make-up look.

The inspiration for the make-up look I created was based on the concept of a lady who haunts the streets of Paris and was burnt alive in 1940s (All will be revealed when the final images are out) This resulted in me creating a living canvas of a painted lady using just paints and make-up to give a 2D illusion- something I am loving doing at the moment after my Pop Art make-up look, and the response I got from my followers on this look was amazing, especially after people still couldn’t guess if my models eyes were open or close. I can confirm the eyes were painted on over her eyelids. And trust me no make-up in the world can keep these eyes from not smudging so my beautiful model Tess did have to keep her eyes closed most of the time in Paris in the 30 degrees of heat in the street of Paris too! She was such a trooper.

The team behind this shoot also made it extra special on this weekend especially as I was surrounded by likeminded creatives who inspire me to believe in my dreams (Luke Invites along photographers to come and experience the project so they can learn from him) and I also love that the photographers capture the weekend with their fantastic talented photography skills. All the above pictures were took by photographer Peter Alberti, I love every single picture he took. It was so hard for me to pick just 10 pictures for this blog post, however I will upload them all on my Facebook Fan page soon.

I also had two make-up artists who applied to assist me that got to experience this weekend too which were a pleasure to bring them into this project and teaching them some of my skills. I am looking forward to opening it up for more new assistants soon to come to the next one.

Keep a look out for my behind the scene video coming on my YouTube channel soon and of course the final images that will be published in Razor Red Magazine.



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