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Karla Powell’s Top Tips on Underwater Make-up


Due to me recently working away in Egypt on a music video with Violina who have collaborated with Birgit Oigemeel on the music video which was filmed on luxury yacht along the Red Sea Egypt- so this involved lots of heat, water, sweat and many scenes being filmed in and out of the sea. So lucky for me after getting lots of tips of other well-known make-up artists such as Jos Brands and from The Charles Fox team on ‘how to’ to use makeup underwater with the right brands. 

Key Points:

*Keep the make-up strong & bright

*Keep everything well defined

*Contouring and highlighting

*If using false lashes make sure they are natural hair


Products for underwater make-up


The products I used to prep the skin in Egypt were: Origins A Perfect World™ SPF35 UV Face Protector with White Tea all over the face and then finally applying Origins Sunshine State™ SPF 20 Sunscreen all over the body.


Kryolan Dermacolor DC Camouflage Cream Palettes – which comes in 24 colours in order to contour highlight and match the models skin tones, it’s a highly pigmented foundation which needs to be activated to blend effortless on the skin, I used Kryolan NEW make-up blend and then fixed using Derma Color Fixing Powder and Fixing Spray  it will be waterproof and protects the skin against damaging UV radiation. DC Camouflage could last even under extreme conditions like swimming, heat and physical strain. Dermacolor Camouflage Cream is available in an extensive range of shades and those are intermixable which gives the make-up a natural appearance when applied correctly.

Adding colour: 

My favorite brand and palettes to use is Kryolan and three palettes I did everything I needed out in Egypt were the Metallique metallic pigments, Shimmering Vision palette, Interferenz grease paint palette and the Neat Kit lipstick set and all these are excellent for layering up and can all be used on eyes, cheeks and lips, It stays on and gives excellent colour payoff- Any oil based products won’t move underwater. If you want to use Mascara then do use a waterproof one, however from experience this has been known to smudge so you can eyelash tint before the shoot. Finally a great eyeliner to try for underwater shoot is Make-up Forever AQUA LINER- High Precision Waterproof Eyeliner. Also keep with natural hair false lashes. Sometimes water on synthetic lashes will change the shape of the lashes (think about when your eyes water/cry- Have your false lashes ever changed shape? If you experienced that , then you will know why to keep with natural hair) 


Finally to remove greasepaint/waterproof makeup you will need to use and oil based remover to break down and gently dissolve the makeup. I always use Kryolan’s Hydro Makeup remover oil. It is hydrophilic cleansing oil which will remove all cream and grease make-up. Massage into the skin and rinse with warm water, the model can do this in the shower.

Kryolan Official is now based in London Covent Garden in Charles H Fox where you can purchase Kryolan products. *Inspired by Nicola Johnson Waterproof Make-up experience. 



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